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In Cantonese culture, guests may be invited for a “home-cooked” dinner as a sign of respect shown toward the visiting party. The more opulent and abundant the meal, the greater the respect shown. At Banquet, we believe good food should be “celebrated with family and special friends” to promote harmony and to build stronger relationships. Our aim is to recreate this level of hospitality for each and every one of our guests, with a warm, inviting, family-focused ambiance.

Think of yourself as a Guest of the family.

"For us, everything we do is about food, family, and sharing a memorable time with loved ones . Colchester is where we were born and raised, so we wanted to recreate and share that same experience with our valued customers, and community"

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It all began with grandfather

F.Y Cheung

He left Hong Kong and traveled to U.K to pursue his dream. He brought with him a passion for quality and service that became the benchmark of his success as he later opened multiple restaurants throughout UK . It was this same commitment to excellence and quality that F.Y. Cheung instilled in his sons and grandsons. The Cheung family opened up one of the first Chinese restaurants in Colchester, Lotus House on St. John's Street in 1963 and have continued to offer some of the most esteemed cantonese cuisine in the region.